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This is a number of exports provided by the pricing plan during one pricing period.

Up to 30 days

$ 100

High priority + Hot fixes

Additional details :
  • For companies.
  • Up to 20 sub-accounts.
Pricing plan may support sub-accounts which makes more convenient for companies to manage their employees.

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Corporate pricing plan

This pricing plan has been developed for big companies, so you will be able to create up to 20 sub-accounts for your employees.

The period of this plan is one month (30 days). So, when you switched to the plan, you will be charged ($100) and a new period will start. During this period, you and your sub-accounts are able to export up to 1000 effects. In case you exceeded the exports limit or one month period is over, a new period is going to start automatically, therefore, you will be charged again and the next one month period begins.

In terms of this pricing plan, you also have a high priority support and possibly have a private channel in the instant messanger (Slack) to have it really fast. Just write a request to including a list of emails to be added to the channel.

Requested bugfixes will be released right after the fix, which is much faster than on next planned release.

Also, you are able to set your pricing plan on the ON-HOLD state. In this case, the pricing plan will be frozen and you won't be able to export and you won't be charged. Please note, for the reactivation from the ON-HOLD a pricing plan payment for the new export period is needed.

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