What is NeutrinoParticles editor?

It is an editor of real-time effects based on particles.

What does “real-time” mean?

It means that effects you’ve created will be simulated frame-by-frame in real-time and each particle will be drawn as a separate small quad. In such model position and look of a particle is computing every frame.

Is it better than pre-rendered frame animations?

It depends on the complexity of the effect you’ve created. In most of the cases with such real-time simulation, you can achieve very small effect size (5-30 Kb in case of HTML5) and have several additional benefits which you wouldn’t get with frame animations.

Is the editor designed for HTML5 or Unity?

It is designed for the abstract development process, but you can export created effects to HTML5 JavaScript source code or C#/Unity source code.

May I use the service for free?

Yes. First two week in terms of Trial pricing plan. After that you will need to choose one of paid pricing plans.

In some cases we can make an exception and switch you to a limited free pricing plan. For example, as reward for very active feedback and bugs reporting. And if we still haven't made that and you think you have such case, please feel free to remind us.