BETA is for free

Currently NeutrinoParticles project is in public BETA testing phase. And until it is finished you have 100 exports per day for free. If you need to export more effects you need to buy and use Export Packs as described below.

Export 100 effects for $1

NeutrinoParticles Editor is a freeware. So you can download it and create/save/load effects for free. But if you want to export effects to JavaScript or C#, you need to register account at this site and buy Export Packs.

Each Export Pack allows you to export 100 effects per day. So if you started export effects, you activated one Export Pack by that, and you have 24 hours to make up to 100 exports.

One Export Pack costs $1. And there are discounts when you buy more packs at once.

Information about Export Packs available for your account you can find at Export Profile page, after sign in.

Privacy and Refund Policies

Information about privacy and refund policies can be found at Privacy Policy and Refund Policy pages.