What is NeutrinoParticles editor?

It is an editor of real-time effects based on particles.

What does “real-time” mean?

It means that effects you’ve created will be simulated frame-by-frame in real-time and each particle will be drawn as a separate small quad. In such model position and look of a particle is computing every frame.

Is it better than pre-rendered frame animations?

It depends on the complexity of the effect you’ve created. In most of the cases with such real-time simulation, you can achieve very small effect size (5-30 Kb in case of HTML5) and have several additional benefits which you wouldn’t get with frame animations. More about features of the editor…

Is the editor designed for HTML5 or Unity?

It is designed for the abstract development process, but you can export created effects to HTML5 JavaScript source code or C#/Unity source code.

Does it support WebGL and/or 2D Canvas for HTML5?

It does. neutrinoparticles.js supports both of them.

What should I pay for?(FREE until May 2018)

NeutrinoParticles editor is a freeware program that you can download for free to create/save/load effects in the binary format of the editor.However, all exports are done through a remote export server, so you need to have a NeutrinoParticles account to buy Export Packs which allow you to make exports. More about pricing…

Can I export for free?

Yes. For now, you can export 100 files per day for free until May 2018. More about pricing…

Can I get Export Packs for free?

Yes. There is a rewards program for those who want to help with NeutrinoParticles promotion. You can get 1, 5 or 10 Export Packs for the post, review or video tutorial accordingly. More about rewards…